Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

At The By “US” Company, our crews are ready to take on any project, from small landscaping jobs to extensive maintenance contracts. Landscape, hardscape and maintenance all come together to ensure that your project runs smoothly and on budget. We provide the following commercial landscaping services.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Beginning in March, we start cleaning up your business' property from the long Maine winter.

Clean-up Services

  • Sweeping and gravel clean-up.
  • Raking and leaf removal.
  • Branch and debris removal.
  • Pruning.
  • Perennial care or winterization.
  • Plow damage repair.
Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape and outdoor services program offers customized packages to fit your specific needs, time schedule and budget, providing as little or as much maintenance as you desire. These worry-free, full-service programs can include spring fertilizing, summer mowing, fall-cleanup, and winter plowing. Our team has the equipment, expertise and manpower to handle the most extensive year-round contracts. We save you time and protect the value of your landscaping.

Lawn Care Services

  • Mowing and lawn care.
  • Edging.
  • Hedge trimming.
  • Landscape beds.
  • Clean up.
  • New lawn installation.
  • Hydroseeding.
  • Fertilizing.
  • Aeration.
  • De-thatching and pruning.
  • Rototilling.
  • Sprinkler system service.
  • Sprinkler system maintenance.
  • Chemical Application
Landscape Design and Installation

The By “US” Company offers creatively designed and constructed commercial landscapes of all sizes. With our state-of-the-art software, PRO Landscape, we can provide you with a visual picture of what your property will look like before we even break ground. Through photo imaging, we can create for you a “life-like” before and after the image of your proposed design surrounding your commercial structure.

Steps We Follow

  • Initial consultation and site survey.
  • Computer-generated photo enhancement.
  • Hardscape installations.
  • Expert assistance in the selection of plant species.
  • Annual planting and color designs.

Landscape Services

  • Garden design and installation.
  • Mulching services.
  • New lawn installation.
  • Design of outdoor lighting plans.
  • Paving and stonework.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Pond installation.

Following the completion of your new landscape, we offer landscape maintenance services that will ensure your new investment develops into a living asset.

Roadside Mowing and Bush Hogging

Our roadside mowing and bush hogging services are designed for severe duty applications, enhancing the look of even the toughest commercial sites and roadways. Our growth across Maine is being driven by clients who are tired of the treadmill of low bid or high maintenance cost options offered by other mowing companies.

Equipment We Use

  • Bush Hog Mower.
  • SideBar Mower.
  • Flail Mower.
Blueberry Land Maintenance

If you have blueberry land, The By “US” Company can provide land management or harvest the blueberries for you. Envision higher berry yields after your land has been leveled and removed of rocks, allowing harvesters to reach more berries. Chemical applications provided by trained professionals can reduce the number of weeds and pests that lower productivity.

Services We Provide

  • Leveling.
  • Rock Removal.
  • Blueberry Harvesting.
  • Chemical Application.
  • Flail Mowing.
Pavement Services

The By Us Company offers a wide variety of pavement services. We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

  • Line Striping.
  • Patch/ Pot Hole Repair.
  • Parking lot Sweeping.
  • Seal Coating.
  • Chemical Treatment.
Snow and Ice Management

The By “US” Company wants to make sure you are ready for Maine’s most brutal Winter. Whether you are looking for simple plowing or complete snow and ice removal services, we can provide a contract tailored to your needs. We offer competitive bids and are always looking to expand our customer base. We are also EPA certified green de-icing agent.

Winter Season Services

  • Plowing.
  • Shoveling.
  • Snow blowing.
  • Snow removal.
  • Salt and sand application.
  • Magic salt application.
Tree Services

The By “US” company provides tree trimming services to Maine commercial properties year-round. Tree pruning is carried out for many reasons such as health, safety, light and proximity to buildings and roads. Our experience and understanding of tree growth helps us provide you the best solutions.

Services We Provide

  • Tree felling.
  • Site clearing.
  • Tree trimming.
  • Pruning young trees for better structure.
  • Removing major deadwood.
  • Cleaning a tree crown.
  • Lifting a tree crown.
  • Reduce the overall size of the tree.

We have licensed Arborist on staff.