Equipment We Use

Equipment We Use

Are you are a homeowner who wants a dependable plow to clear your own driveway? Or do you have contracts to fulfill?

We have the ability to get the plow you need and we service what we sell.

Fisher Plows

Homesteader snowplows are ideal for personal use for today’s light trucks and SUV’s.


  • Weighing as little as 250lbs.
  • Meets federal and manufacturers’ weight ratings for your vehicle.

The By “US” company is a licensed distributor of Fisher Plows. We carry a full inventory and provide service by trained technicians. Contact us for a quote on a new plow or service on you existing equipment. Delivery is available.

The By "US" Company


Pro-Tech IST Sno Pushers are the only ones that offer a steel trip edge designed specifically for containment plows. They excel at “scraping” and removing hardpack.


  • The only steel trip edge designed specifically for containment plows.
  • Accounts for equipment weight and force.
  • Pressure and balance mainly on shoes, not edge.
  • Trip system uses memory urethane in the spring.
  • Urethane spring compresses and flexes (like pole in a pole vault) to allow steel edge to trip.
  • The trip edge returns to start position once an obstacle is cleared.
  • 10-yr limited warranty.

HT Series

HT Series snowplows are targeted for today’s half-ton 4WD pickup trucks.


  • Full-size, full-featured snowplow.
  • Strength to handle standard-duty commercial, institutional and extended-use homeowner applications.
  • 75-degree attack angle provides improved scraping and better back dragging.
  • 15 ½ inch curl radius improves snow rolling action.
  • 6 vertical ribs and a full-length horizontal tube provide extra stability and strength to the core of the blade.
  • A pair of vertical compression trip springs deliver trip-edge protection.
  • Exclusive scrape lock feature hydraulically locks the blade down for clean scraping and back dragging.
  • Covered hydraulics system provides protection from the elements.

SD Series Snowplows

SD Series snowplows are ideal for homeowners and non-commercial plowing.

  • Fisher SD Series PlowStraight blade snowplow that is compatible with the reduced axle capacity of smaller & lighter four-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • Designed for compact and light ½ ton trucks as well as some sport utility vehicles.
  • Available in 6’9” and 7’6” blade widths.
  • These straight blades are full 26” high and made of 14 gauge steel.
  • They’re equipped with a replaceable polymer cutting edge designed to complement these straight blades by improving scraping ability without adding excess weight.

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